Family Law

From never married individuals needing to work through child custody and child support issues to grandparents concerned about the welfare of their grandchildren, more and more people are finding themselves at the intersection of the courts and the family.

Mr. Farnsworth and his staff are dedicated to assisting people at this difficult junction and consider it a privilege to transform what can be for clients a confusing, frightening, and paralyzing event in their lives into an event clients understand and are able to overcome.

While the courts are designed for simpler cases to be handled by individuals pro se, or without the assistance of an attorney, most persons should, at a minimum, review their case with an attorney before proceeding on their own. An attorney can make them aware of potential pitfalls unknown to the layperson and thereby assist the individual in deciding whether to proceed pro se or with professional assistance.

Mr. Farnsworth provides representation in all areas of Family Law including:


Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings

Child Custody

Child Support


Domestic Violence Proceedings

Grandparent Visitation

Guardianship (Custody Transfer)

Legal Separation

Paternity Proceedings

Prenuptial Agreements


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